6 Creative Ways to Thank Customers for Their Purchase

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24 Ways to Thank Your Customers and Employees. If a customer’s birthday is in January, send a half-off coupon in July. 16. Discount a purchase. You can’t do this for everyone, of course. Tie the discount to special populations on special days, such as birthdays, Veterans Day (veterans), Valentine’s Day (newlyweds), and important game days (sports fans wearing sports apparel).

 · John, Great list of ideas. Thank you! One of the best examples I’ve ever encountered of giving thanks to customers is this: The realtor who sold my sister and my brother-in-law their home sends them a box of goodies every Christmas (along with a few of his business.

Finding creative ways to show your customers you really appreciate their business – going beyond a simple "Thank you" email – is a smart investment for several reasons: Word of mouth is often more valuable than professional advertising, marketing, and PR – people trust their networks more than companies .

As we all know, communication is the backbone of Hero-Class customer service. Often, a simple "thank you" is enough; sometimes though, we want to express our gratitude more fully. The options above should help you find more ways to thank your customers that will resonate with them emotionally.

Here are 5 simple ways that you and your business can start thanking your customers. 1. Include a thank you note with every order. This is by far one of the easiest and most effective strategies to start implementing, and can take any number of forms. Whether you thank your customers on social media or with a handwritten note inside the packaging, you can brighten their day by acknowledging their business every time they place a new order. Besides making your customers smile, this will also.

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8 Ways to Say Thank You to Your Customers. Thank them for their time, their consideration and their honesty. Keep the door open by being friendly and courteous. Even if they don’t buy what you have, they still may recommend you to their friends.

Share their stories – Case studies are a great business development tool, but they’re also a great way to show a customer that they’re a headliner for your brand. Birthday special s – While even just a basic "Happy Birthday" email has some positive benefit, add value by offering a discount or freebie – redeemable for the entire week.