After a DNA match to dismembered remains, stepson arrested in man’s homicide, cops say

A homeless man found sleeping in a Kansas storage unit with his children and his dismembered wife’s remains is now suspected of killing a California man who vanished last year.Justin Tod Rey, 35.

The DNA analysis process that was used to identify the Golden State Killer, lead to the arrest of a Seattle man in a cold case double homicide that occurred more than 30 years ago in washington state. william earl Talbott II, 55, was taken into custody after a DNA test came back as a positive match to DNA collected from the crime scene in 1987.

After a DNA match to dismembered remains, stepson arrested in man’s homicide, cops say According to a news release on the SCSO’s Facebook page, deputies obtained confirmation that dismembered. DNA match and this presented a significant delay in the investigation," read the release..

Man Arrested For Killing Transgender Woman In North Philadelphia, Police Say The woman’s "dismembered" remains had been found inside pots atop a stove. police say. January 23, 2018. The 2020 Democratic candidate came under fire after seeking a DNA test to back up her.

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Now, 12 years later, her family might finally have some closure. Human remains discovered at a burial site in Aruba reportedly belong to a young woman of eastern European descent, according to DailyMail. Early DNA tests on these bones seem to match the remains to Natalee, as her family is of eastern European heritage.

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Police said Haddow was shot and killed Sept. 13, then dismembered with a chainsaw and his remains placed in the area of the Mahoning Creek near Hamilton, in Perry Township.Police arrested Michael.

Woman, 48, arrested after DNA linked her to 27-year-old cold case homicide ‘was dating same man’ as teen girl found stabbed in 1989 AND also knew husband of.

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