Another 99 hepatitis A cases added last week – Florida Courier

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Number of Confirmed Hepatitis A Cases by Week — Santa Cruz County, 1APR2017 to 25JUL2017. Confirmed Hepatitis A Cases in Santa Cruz County 09:15 Tuesday, July 25, 2017 2 The FREQ Procedure Age Frequency percent cumulative frequency Cumulative Percent

Outbreak: Hepatitis A cases surge in New Jersey with 6 dead, more than 500 infected The highly contagious liver disease, preventable by vaccine, is surging nationwide. People often don’t know they.

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Hepatitis A Cases Top 2,400 In Florida This YearFlorida had 64 newly reported cases of hepatitis A last week, bringing the total number of cases this year to 2,413. Of the new cases, 84 percent.

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The total number of cases this year in Florida is 1,561, up from 548 cases in 2018, 276 cases in 2017 and 122 cases in 2016. Daylina Miller/Health News Florida A hepatitis A outbreak in Florida continued to expand last week, with 99 new cases reported, according to information on the state Department of Health website.

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13 cases of hepatitis A in Martin County since January The Florida Department of Health is working with the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to address a hepatitis A outbreak and hopes the "partnership" will help expand vaccinations, state officials said last week. The department issued a news release about the effort but did not.

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – A hepatitis A outbreak in Florida continued to expand last week, with 99 new cases reported, according to information on the state Department of Health website. That brought the.

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Hepatitis A outbreak toll rises from nine to 42 after cases of virus linked to award winning airdrie bakery. jump directly to the content. to several cases last week. By Laura Murray.

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