Cities complain that in the session just ended, Legislature stepped on local control

Andrew Cuomo and state legislators to pass universal rent-control. in roughly one million rent-regulated apartments in New York City.. control in February, limiting annual rent increases to 7% plus local inflation.. Legislature passed a bill in March protecting tenants who complain. Most recently, Sen.

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Those measures struggled to find sufficient support even in a session rife with local control issues. All told, by the end of August, the 85th Legislature had passed state laws overriding city.

After session ended. just two months, the women have led a dizzying push for long-stalled legislation, on both so-called women’s issues – contraceptive coverage and abortion, for example – and.

The bill to ban sanctuary cities. legislation to signature. On Thursday night the Senate capitulated and had this particular amendment struck from its version. Adding pressure to the process was.

He has been the Advisory Commission’s single (co-)chair since its other, Vicki Been, stepped down. point I view it as local home rule,” Galef said in May before the legislative session ended. Much.

While critics accuse Sessions of having just. and local police to address well-documented complaints about police bias, brutality, and other forms of abuse. Among them are 14 court-enforced consent.

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Texas Sen. Pat Fallon shares highlights of his first session. Fallon spoke to the Wichita County Republican Women’s group Monday sharing some of the highlights of the 86th Legislative Session.