Diversity Is Not Our Strength

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Are they interpreting and carrying it to another place is up to them, but I’m not going to be discussing. We respect the value of every member of our caucus. The diversity of it all is a wonderful.

America’s strength is not our diversity; our strength is our ability to unite people of different backgrounds around common principles. A common language is necessary to reach that goal. Biography.

Yes, there is diversity in the body of Christ (1 Cor. 12-14), but it is absolutely subservient to unity or "oneness" in the essentials of the faith and allegiance to God’s Word and the supremacy of following Jesus. Diversity ONLY adds strength when it advances Christ’s Kingdom. The strength comes from our shared commitment to Jesus.

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Last month, my colleague Anthony Kronman, the former dean of Yale Law School, published a book contending that efforts to nurture diversity on campus are. He coyly insists that he is not comparing.

Here’s a new entry in the annals of Steve King. The iowa republican congressman known for his racially insensitive rhetoric tweeted on Friday that "diversity is not our strength." And.

But diversity is no longer organic in our culture. It is almost always engineered, and engineered diversity is never good. Engineered diversity is the work of bureaucrats who stand above the mass of common people and declare from on high that certain races have exceeded their allotted percentages.

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Campuses too obsessed with diversity, victimization?  · Not A Dog-Whistle But A Bullhorn: Steve King Says Diversity Is Not Our Strength’. Here’s a new entry in the annals of Steve King. The Iowa Republican congressman known for his racially insensitive rhetoric tweeted on Friday that “diversity is not our strength.” And, descending further into the catacombs of nativism, he took it further,

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“Diversity has always been our strength,” he allegedly said.. that results from immigration – once made America stronger, it may not be doing.

"Diversity is our strength!" And so the multiculturalism cult was born. Acknowledging that our galaxy-exploring Western Republic probably has nothing to learn from people who yell at clouds to make rain is now a thought crime.