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SBCTA administers Measure I revenue and is responsible for determining which projects receive Measure I funding and which are implemented. Measure I funds are allocated based on the Measure I 2010-2040 Ordinance and Expenditure Plan and the Measure I generated within a subarea is returned to that subarea for allocation. Strategic Plan policies.

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City Council members want to see more plan details, additional charter school funding and for the measure to be on a 2020.

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Facts About Measure M – LA Metro’s Ballot Measure (1.3MB, PDF format) Local Return Allocation by Subregion (280KB, PDF format) Subregional Fact Sheets. The following fact sheets summarize the projects and Measure M funding for each los angeles county region if the measure passes.

The tax took effect July 2009. Measure R alone does not fully fund all projects. The Measure contains an Expenditure Plan that identifies the projects to be funded and additional fund sources that will be used to complete the projects. The Measure R Expenditure Plan

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Other, additional, measures will be taken to streamline our. while simultaneously minimizing the need for additional. Rosa DeLauro have worked behind the scenes to smooth the waters for the provision. It is a long-settled feature of the annual funding measure, which contains numerous programs dear to Democrats.

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Measure R was a ballot measure during the November 2008 elections in Los Angeles County, California, that proposed a half-cent sales taxes increase on each dollar of taxable sales (originating in or made from Los Angeles County) for thirty years in order to pay for transportation projects and improvements.