In A Hot Housing Market, Maximizing Curb Appeal Starts Right at the Top

A hot market in real estate is identified by a few things, which include higher prices, lower amounts of unsold inventory, and desirable neighborhoods. Neighborhoods can increase in value because of having an excellent location, high-paying jobs, quality schools, and a variety of attractive amenities.

How to Maximize Your Homebuying Power in a Buyer’s Market Many parts of the U.S. are seeing homebuyers have the upper hand at last. Here’s how you can make the right deal during a buyer’s market.

The beginning of spring marks a frenzy of home buying and selling across the nation, much like the opening bell of the stock market. The best part is, no matter which side of the transaction you are on the spring real estate market represents unique advantages. Buyers and sellers alike will notice increased competition, stunning curb appeal and more as they navigate the spring real estate season.

Just as smart sellers trim a home’s bushes in the spring and rake up leaves in the fall to maximize "curb appeal," savvy property owners. "You have to give the buyer and the real estate agent free.

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HomeLight’s Top Agent Insights Report for Q1 2019 is hot off the press. We surveyed over 900 top agents in the industry identified for their outstanding performance, asked for their advice on selling homes and the current real estate market, and compiled their expertise into an easy-to-scan package just for homeowners.

1: Curb Appeal Starts Online Since 88 percent of homebuyers begin the process on the Web, fabulous photos are critical to getting homebuyers to the front door, says Jennifer Ames, a top Chicago real estate agent.

In A Hot Housing Market, maximizing curb appeal starts Right at the Top There’s no doubt that a solid roof is key for resell value and home protection. But experts say roofs are under appreciated for their ability to greatly enhance a home’s architectural style and appearance.

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In a Hot Housing Market, Maximizing Curb Appeal Starts Right at the Top May 31, 2019 PORTLAND, OR – It plays a major role in a home’s curb appeal, yet surprisingly, it’s often the area most overlooked by homeowners.