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Generally, there. be if you paid the closing costs in one go. Should I pay points? Another option that is open to you is really the opposite of a no cost mortgage refinance. Instead of taking on a.

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And when you do get the deed. Put your deed somewhere safe. Like, in an actual safe, preferably one that is fire and waterproof. [related: time to Consider an Adjustable-Rate Mortgage?] But what.

2-Step Mortgages . An adjustable rate mortgage that has the same interest rate for part of the mortgage and a different rate for the rest of the mortgage is called a 2-step mortgage. The interest rate changes or adjusts in accordance to the rates of the current market.

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I spoke to Craig Strent, CEO of rockville-based apex home loans. I would say let’s get you a 7/1 ARM or even a 10/1 ARM. The rate should be fixed for the entire period of time you live there and.

Adjustable-rate mortgage. ARM loans offer interest rates typically lower than you’d get with a fixed-rate loan for a period of time-such as five or 10 years. But after that, your interest rates (and payments) will adjust, typically once a year, roughly corresponding to current interest rates.

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Is it okay to apply with two or more mortgage lenders? To make sure you get approved, or to lock in the best interest rate? There are pros and cons to this strategy.. Applying for more than one.

Types of Mortgages Available in 2018, Explained. But here, for the sake of simplicity, we have boiled it all down to the following options and categories. Option 1: Fixed vs. Adjustable Rate As a borrower, one of your first choices is whether you want a fixed-rate or an adjustable-rate mortgage loan.

Why wouldn’t you want a fixed rate? If you plan on moving in five or even 10 years, you may be better off with a lower adjustable rate. It’s the conservative choice for the long term, which means you will pay for the security it promises. adjustable-rate mortgages (ARMs) You’ll get a lower initial interest rate compared to a fixed-rate mortgage but it won’t necessarily stay there.