Rany Jazayerli: The Royals’ inability to develop players is reason they’re struggling

Rany Jazayerli, M.D., an author of Baseball Prospectus, put together this great piece in February 2002 on the Royals inability to develop draft picks. Jazayerli points to such blunders as Baird’s firing of scouting director, Terry Wetzel, just weeks after the 2000 draft and replacing him with Deric Ladnier.

They’re making more contact, and they’re showing more power. They’re doing more with more. Which team is likely to finish first? Well, when Jazayerli wrote, the Royals were in first place, by half a game, over the Tigers. Headed to the All Star break, the Bengals lead the Royals by 7.5.

This is fair for the marginal player who fails to land a major-league contract in. That is hard to fathom when the Pirates and Royals, two of the smallest of the small-market franchises, have used.

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The Royals ranked 12th in the AL in park-adjusted offense last year, finished last in the league in homers, and were third to last in walk rate. The team’s objection to bases on balls in particular goes back decades. I asked Grantland’s resident Royals historian Rany Jazayerli for some background on this.

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A walk-on at Northwestern University, Hayes worked his way up to the team’s closer his senior year. Following graduation he spent a year in the independent leagues before signing with the Kansas City.

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With Neyer, Rany Jazayerli and presumably Bill James (even though he now works for the Red Sox), I can’t tell whether they’re providing objective analysis based on the facts or they’re Royals fans hoping the club comes completely undone because they don’t like Moore and would like someone closer to their line of thinking running the team.

The league fell behind the curve set by the NFL and NBA in recognizing its draft as a marketing opportunity, said Rany Jazayerli, who writes about the draft and prospects for the Web site.