Remembering the Skyway Bridge disaster, 39 years later

A bridge is a link between two places, such as over a river, a road or a depression, that caters to pedestrians and/or vehicles. A tunnel is an underground link between two places, often.

On May 9, 1980 – 39 years ago this week – an errant phosphate freighter heading east to the Port of Tampa was blown out of the shipping channel during a sudden, violent squall. The 606-foot vessel, MV Summit Venture , was approaching the sunshine skyway bridge when the sky turned black, the radar failed and the bully wind changed direction in a heartbeat.

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Remembering the Skyway Bridge disaster, 39 years later It was the Friday before Mother’s Day, and six students from Alabama’s Tuskegee University were traveling home to Florida together, ready after their long journey to get off the Greyhound bus, stretch their weary legs, breathe the fresh air and hug their moms.

35 people were killed when the Sunshine Skyway bridge in Tampa, Florida collapsed. The accident involved a Greyhound bus, six cars and one pickup truck that plummeted from the bridge when it collapsed. Only one person who went over survived. But Wesley MacIntire, the.

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Owners Sheila Wilde and James Harden were found drown in Tampa Bay days later. The wrecked hull is wrapped around a piling on the 6th row from the fender on the SW side of the Little Maximo Bridge, the small fixed bridge just north of the Sunshine Skyway Bridge.

38 years later, things have changed over the years since the Sunshine Skyway tragedy. First of all, I graduated from high school in 1983 and I had to write a senior year thesis. The subject? The Sunshine Skyway Bridge, from building to collapse. In 1981, there were decisions that had to be made as far as the Sunshine Skyway is concerned.

39 years ago today (May 9, 1980) the bay area suffered a tragedy where 35 lives were lost. With this video we would like to honor and remember those by.

Even today (over six decades later) and knowing better I get a twinge in my stomach and a sense of fear every time I go over a high bridge. I can thank my parents for fucking me up for life. The new Skyway bridge isn’t too bad but the old one use to cause anxiety for me as an adult.

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