Senate Latest, Gun Mailer in Florida, a Josh Hawley Story: 2 Days to Go

Josh Hawley unseats Missouri Democratic Sen. McCaskill Josh Hawley, the Republican nominee for Senate in Missouri, spoke to supporters on Saturday. Credit Scott Olson/Getty Images In the closing days of the tight Senate battle in Missouri, Mr. Hawley, the Republican candidate, has been fighting off the latest questions about his turbulent tenure as attorney general.

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Senate Latest, Gun Mailer in Florida, a Josh Hawley Story: 2 Days to Go He’s a Republican candidate for Congress in Florida’s 25th district – one that the National Republican congressional committee singled out as a “Young Gun.” Since 2002.

12:32 p.m. EST Nov. 7, 2018: President Trump got into a verbal confrontation with CNN reporter Jim Acosta after Acosta continued to question the president over the “migrant caravan.” Trump grew angry and backed away from the podium as a White House aide tried to get the microphone from Acosta.

“Senate GOP committee raises more than $19 million” via the News Service of Florida – The Florida Republican senatorial campaign committee, which is chaired by incoming Senate President Bill.

If they consent to a simple majority vote, the bill could pass the Senate, putting House leaders in a difficult position on the eve of the fiscal cliff. But if Senate GOPers. Leaving an afternoon.

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