Tampa Bay is due for a major hurricane, and the region is not prepared

Large branches of trees will snap and shallowly rooted trees may be toppled.. The storm's winds were being felt in the Tampa Bay area with. Irma is expected to become a tropical storm over far northern Florida or. fhp troopers continue to assist those evacuating & preparing for.. Not in Tampa?

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And then there’s the Tampa Bay Hurricane of 1921, which also roared into Tampa on October 25. This is the last-known major hurricane to directly make landfall in our area.

Others are fairly new territory, but still pose a real threat to the region’s continued growth. with 450 new on-street parking spots," he said. Tampa Bay projects face the serious threat of delays.

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I hate when people say we’re "due for" a hurricane. No, we’re not. There’s nothing that says a hurricane has to hit here every X years, if ever. Sure, it can happen, but hurricanes are some of the most random forces of nature that exist.

Unfortunately, Tampa is not merely the most vulnerable city in the country to a hurricane, it appears to be the most unprepared. A July analysis by the Washington Post concluded that "the area is.

Welp, unless something brews down in the Gulf or Atlantic by the end of the month (end of hurricane season) the newspapers will be able to write another "Tampa is due" article next year. Has never been a hurricane that hit Florida in November so doubtful. I hope I didn’t jinx us

 · Tampa Bay is due for a major hurricane. It is not prepared. Analysts say the metropolitan area is the most vulnerable in the United States to flooding and damage if a major hurricane ever scores a.

Also, some cities that experience hurricanes frequently, like Miami, may be better prepared. world’s major port cities by 2050. That report placed Miami, New York City, New Orleans, Tampa Bay and.

Originally Posted by a person Well if you choose to live in a high risk region, flood or hurricane evacuation zone, you take your chances. A lot of Tampa is due for a major hurricane and isn’t prepared (article) (design, trailer) – Tampa Bay – Florida (FL) -Tampa – St. Petersburg – Clearwater – Page 7 – City-Data Forum